Owen Egger

STEAM Not STEM: The Future of Education, Right Now

Dr. Owen Egger is an educational technologist and artist who has taught everyone from preschoolers to adults everywhere from schools to makerspaces and zoos. He spends his days educating, making art, and managing programs. He also spends time building new enclosures and caring for his 20 or so reptiles and other exotic pets.

Owen is passionate about helping other people realize their passions. As an educator, he harnesses the strength of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, ART, and Math) principles to teach about the scientist and the artist that each of us already is—whether we know it or not. Too many of us define ourselves by struggling with math, or art, or science in school without realizing that all these little things combine in little ways all through our lives. Ultimately, by embracing our strengths with futuristic thinking, we redefine our weaknesses and forge ahead to greater things.