Purple Wendy Ramey

The Color Purple

Purple Wendy Ramey, affectionately known as the Purple Realtor, is not just a distinguished professional but a vibrant personality deeply immersed in her passion for the color purple. Holding the title of Realtor of the Year 2023 from the High Desert Association of Realtors, Wendy brings warmth and charm to her community with her Royal smile and exemplary services. Her unique identity is underscored by her commitment to wearing various shades of purple every day for over 34 years, a tradition rooted in her childhood fascination with the Purple Crown Royal liquor bag. 

In her presentation Purple Wendy will share her positive and concentric approach to life and how it is mirrored in her love for the color purple, which goes beyond its regal connotations. Wendy revels in using her favorite color as a medium to connect with people, sharing the deeper meanings and nuances that make purple more than just a hue – it’s a vibrant expression of individuality and positivity.