Resa Barillas

Done Over Perfect, or Anything Worth Doing is Worth Half-Assing

Resa is a mom, first generation Salvadoran-American, and community organizer. Shortly after moving to Adelanto, she pivoted her career as a digital marketing consultant and designer and put her skills to use to support underrepresented voices in the community. She has worked on political campaigns, for non-profits, and now proudly serves as Senior Field Representative to Assemblymember Juan Carrillo as well as a board member for Family Assistance Program.

In her presentation she will share how after navigating the ADHD diagnostic process with her son, Resa realized that many of the criteria also applied to her. Many flaming hoops later, she also had a diagnosis of ADHD. Since getting diagnosed, she’s learned a number of coping tools, the most important being the mantra “Anything worth doing is worth half-assing.” It’s not to say that she think things shouldn’t be done well, but she’s learned that we can’t let perfect be the enemy of done. Together, she and her son have explored the tools, tactics, and supports available to help them cultivate success as neurodivergent people.