Tiffany Gaudin

What If?

Tiffany Gaudin is a speaker, ordained minister, and the author of “Thirty Days Into the Heart of God.” Drawing from her own transformative journey, she endeavors to empower others, nurturing a profound connection with each individual’s purpose and fostering personal growth. Her unwavering commitment to utilizing her experiences and innate talents enables her to guide individuals toward a deeper, more fulfilling connection with themselves and others. Beyond her impactful endeavors, Tiffany thrives in her favorite roles as dedicated wife and nurturing mother to three delightful children. 

In her five minutes, she will explore the transformative power of the question “What if?” What if there is a deeper purpose to our existence? What if each individual has the potential to make a significant impact? She will delve into the idea that we are all change agents, with the capacity to influence not only our own lives but also those of our families, communities, and beyond. Through personal anecdotes and reflective insights, she aims to inspire the audience to embrace the possibilities that arise when we dare to ask, “What if?”—opening doors to a more purposeful and impactful existence.