Tiffany Jablonski

Talking Shit!

Tiffany Jablonski has been a digestive health specialist and educator for more than 20 years. As a board certified colon hydrotherapist and I-ACT certified instructor, she teaches classes on the digestive system, gut health, food choices, and how to make raw foods. She enjoys speaking to groups of all kinds and sizes because her mission is to educate people to make good choices for better digestive health. She lives in Hespira with her husband, Jason, and together they enjoy mountain biking. She is a painter, and says her super power is connecting people. Her smile is infectious.

Jablonski, aka Princess Poo, entertains audiences as she educates about anatomy & physiology 101. If you’ve never talked about poop in polite society, she will help you understand why it’s healthy to do so. She talks shit better than anyone, and can help you to learn to do the same.