Weather Grace Preston

A Millennial Marketing Movement

Leading the forefront of this generation of business owners, Weather Grace Preston is a young woman who aspires to be a prime example of hard work and leadership. As future owner of the world-famous Cross-Eyed Cow Pizza, she hopes to continue her family’s business by prioritizing investment into her community. Weather’s goal is to incorporate environmentally conscious practices and support her community. She intends to make an impression and leave the world a little brighter.  Her love for nature and community goes hand in hand with her love of family.

In the crazy hustle of her family biz, she thought, “Why not jazz things up with some marketing magic?” Raised in the digital age, she believed her tech skills could be the game-changer. Despite her folks swearing by old-school ways, she saw an opportunity for a reboot. Diving into digital tools and adding her creative touch, she launched a nostalgia-packed campaign. It’s not just about selling – it’s a journey down memory lane, sharing their unique story with the world. Marketing, upgraded!