Zachary Hill

There's No I in Internship (...oh wait...)

Zachary Hill grew up in the San Gorgonio Mountains & going to school in San Bernardino City. Traveling back & forth every day, Zach gained a strong sense of empathy for the suffering of those around him & immeasurable hope for the potential each person has. Now, he lives in Hemet & works to create opportunities for young adults. Zach spends his free time working with leather, wood & metal making costumes & replicas for the Renaissance Faire.

Zach’s journey from failing high school student to Chief of Staff started with an Internship, a chance to prove his worth. Zach will share his journey & how internship shaped every step of his path, from being an Intern to having Interns of his own. He’ll talk not just about the pragmatic side of things, the skills learned & resume built, but more importantly, relationships & those key individuals who made the investment in Zach to become more.